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Copyright © 2018 Desen International Media Group Co.,Ltd. 粤ICP备18024997号

Company Intro

Desen International Media Co. Ltd. was established by renowned film producer Ms. Ann An in 2009. It is a professional film media institution specialization in filmmaking, distribution and film-related entertainment. At the very beginning of its inception, Desen produced and released two films, 14 Blades and IP Man 2. Impressively, the two both got listed in Top 10 Chinese Films 2010. In 2010.

Chair Man Intro

Ms. Ann An, the founder of Desen. Since 1993, Ms. Ann An has held senior executive positions in several major film companies, such as New Picture Film Co., Stellar Cineplex and Beijing Time Antaeus Cinema Chain Group. Ms. An has been accredited for the production and distribution of many critically acclaimed theatrical hits including Perhaps Love (2005), Naraka (2007), Playboy Cops (2007), IP Man (2008), 14 Blades (2010), Ip Man 2 (2010), Lee’s Adventure (2011), Full Circle (2012), Tiny Times, Tiny Times 2 and 3D Fantasy Adventure Zhongkui: Snow Girl and The Dark Crystal. Ms. Ann An is the recipient of many industry awards and honors including the Best Pioneer Film Producer of 2010-2011 by Chinese leading film consulting agency Entgroup. 

Partner Intro

Desen participated in releasing a comedy action film, Let the Bullets Fly, directed by Wen Jiang. It thus become the first New Year Film whose box office revenues exceeded 400 million. In 2011, Desen participated in releasing the swordsman action film, Swordsmen, directed by Peter Chan. The film won the prize of Best action choreography Design and Best Art Design on the 48th Golden Horse Awards. In 2013, Tiny Times film series got 800 million box office revenues at an investment of 50 million, succeeding in winning 500% of ROI for our investors.During the Spring Festival of 2015, the 3D fantasy love story, Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal, produced by Desen earned 400 million of box office revenues. In 2016, Desen produced youth suspense film Edge of Innocence, and it will be released in 2017. In the same year Desen cooperated with Shanghai Film group in co-producing the project Uta. In the beginning of 2017, crime film Hunting and Sci-Fi project Evacuate from the 21st Century is ready to be filmed. In the same time, Desen also independently developed a bunch of original film projects that come from the successful IP. Such as fantasy epic film The Story of the Fleeting Life, fantasy action film The Five Masters, crime film The X Survival Notebook, crime action film The Geomancer of Wall Street and epic action movie Zhongkui Vol.2. Those films will be also released in the following years.

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